Not long ago we had a day in which the schoolwork was running long. The kids had been working well and we had covered a lot, but had not completed what I had hoped for the day. We were all getting tired and frustrated, so I finally said, “Let’s just stop.” I sent the kids outside and if I remember correctly, I sat down with a cup of coffee, feeling defeated.

But then I thought: already today I had researched the Shoshone Indians and given direction on how to write a report on them, worked through math problems with symbols of inclusion, watched a prepared scene of Macbeth, and discussed the incarnation of Christ. Throw in fixing lunch and multiple loads of laundry. No wonder I was feeling tired!

It’s days like this that I say, you know what, we’ve worked hard, we’ve accomplished a lot, so let’s call it a day. Enjoy the evening. And that’s okay! Not all days are like this.

And sometimes days like this we keep pushing because that’s real life. Sometimes things are easy, sometimes we can let some things go, and sometimes you just have to push through. My point is, when things are feeling out of control, take a minute and ask:

Is this something we really need to finish, or can it wait?

What has been our pattern? (In other words, is this day out of the ordinary?)

And then give yourself some grace.

Have a cup of coffee.

Enjoy your family!

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