Another regular series I would like to feature here is Family Fun Fridays. This tradition began for us about 17 years ago when our oldest child was 2 years old. My husband was in seminary, we were both working, and quality family time seemed hard to find.

We decided to make Friday nights our designated family time. Beginning at 5:00pm, working on assignments was not allowed until Saturday at noon! So we tried to be intentional about planning something to do that was special.

Now in those seminary days the budget was pretty tight so “Friday Nights” were mostly simple.

Sometimes we would pick up some dollar menu items from a drive thru (remember those actual dollar menus?!) and drive around downtown Fort Worth.

Those were days of learning to make our own pizzas. Many Friday nights were spent with homemade pizza and watching a movie together. Or, the Little House on the Prairie phase. Each Friday night a marathon of episodes as we made our way through the entire series!

The point is we were intentional about spending time together.

And all these years later, we still all look forward to Friday night. My goal here is to encourage you to do the same. It doesn’t have to be Friday. Just some time that you are setting aside regularly for quality family interaction.

Each week I will try to share what we did the previous Friday night. Please join in and share your ideas!

Happy Friday!


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