So last Friday night was a bit scattered at first, but we all ended up together at home for a Friday night together!

We started out by running by Goodwill to pick up this piece of furniture that I’m hoping to turn into a China cabinet and miscellaneous kitchen storage:

Go ahead and zoom in on that price tag 😉!

I’ll keep you posted on my progress.

Then we picked up pizzas we had ordered from a new-to-us local restaurant.

By the time I thought about a picture of the pizza, it was mostly gone 🤷‍♀️.

We settled in to watch Two Towers (extended edition), one of our favorite movies. This was chosen because our son Joshua had finished reading this book for school.

We also celebrated the end of the school year with a cake that our daughter Madi made:

I share this not because it is an example of a well-planned, Pinterest-worthy kind of evening (obviously!), but as an example of the opposite! We took care of some business, kept supper simple, and pulled out an old favorite to watch. The point is we were intentional about spending time with one another. Be encouraged: it’s ok to throw something together, and then just be together!

Happy Friday! Share your family time ideas!


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