I think this is probably a first for our family. This past Friday night we prepared game food to watch the NBA playoffs. We’ve done this for various other sporting events but we’ve not followed NBA as much.

Again, keeping it simple and looking to what we have on hand, a plan came together. Jason wanted to smoke some moink balls. Great! We have hamburger and bacon in the fridge.

Moo + oink= Moink

We had extra hot dog buns. No problem to pick up a package of hot dogs to throw on with the moinks.

While at the store we came across this:

Score! All our favorites in one bag and none that no one likes😉

I had this wonderful idea of decorating cookies with Reece’s Pieces to look like basketballs, but, alas, it didn’t work out. It just looked like a cookie with a bunch of Reece’s Pieces piled on it. Oh well. This household cranks out some pretty tasty homemade chocolate chip cookies!

Can’t go wrong with plain ole chocolate chip cookies!

So we had fun watching all the amazing shots, all the drama, experimenting with the cookies and icing and candies, enjoyed some good food, and hopefully created family memories!


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