14 states. 7 days. Over 2500 miles.

Sound fun? We sure enjoyed it! Over the next few posts, I’ll be documenting our 2021 family vacation to New England. I’ll give reviews on the activities we did and of course, where we ate!

But first: the preparation. Here are some of the things we did to plan this big excursion:

  • Watched several YouTube videos on the places we wanted to visit
  • Printed a packing list early, making notes for other items we decided to bring
  • Read lots of reviews before booking hotels
  • Used Google maps to check “How far is it from ________ to ________?” to decide our routes

And as we got closer:

  • Shopped for snacks
  • Opened and repackaged some items (See below)
  • Made food for the first day
The Snack Bin: for foods that come in one big bag such as Animal Crackers, Chex Mix, and nuts, we open and put into several small ziplocks so we don’t have to pass around a bag, but also then have to worry about clipping an open bag
First day breakfast! We planned to leave early so we wanted something that would travel well to eat on the way. Thankful for responsible kids who can take care of this! One took care of chocolate chip muffins, and the other sausage balls.
First day lunch: made a pizza, cut it up, and divided it out onto plates for everyone. We put it in the cooler and just ate it cold.

And we were ready! Next post: Day One!

3 thoughts

  1. I have my bags packed and ready to enjoy your trip right here at home. I know it must have been an enjoyable time with family. Let’s get going!


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