After a good breakfast at the hotel, we set out for Niagara Falls. As we passed through Buffalo, NY, it caught me a little off guard to see buffalo statues along the interstate!

Some travel info for Niagara Falls: technically it is free to enter, however you do have to pay to park (at the time of this writing $10 for weekdays and $15 for weekends-card only).

There is a small cost for going out on the observation tower but it was worth it for the better view from the U.S. side.

We got absolutely soaked walking down to the falls! It felt like it was raining!

We enjoy trying to find local favorite restaurants to eat at while on vacation. In fact we try to follow my dad’s rule of not eating somewhere on vacation that you can eat at home! McPartlan’s Corner near Buffalo was a neat place to eat, rest, and dry off!

Heading to Boston we took a slight detour through Vermont. The main reason for this was trying to at least drive through every New England state while we were this close! We did find a couple of interesting Revolutionary War memorials to quickly visit in Bennington, VT. (So we can actually say we spent some time there, not merely passing through😉!)

We made it to Boston about bedtime and got settled into what would be our room for the next few days.

Next up: day 3 (but not in Boston!)

If you would like to read about our vacation prep, click here.

Read all about day one here.

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