Most of what we planned to do in Boston involved being outside and there was a good chance of rain our first day, so we decided to drive up to Maine.

This was a great visitor center!

Portland is less than 2 hours from where we were staying in the Boston area and we repeatedly saw this city on lists of New England, so that became our destination.

On the way: New Hampshire ✅

Our local dining experience in Portland was Becky’s Diner, which has been featured on Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives. We wondered why this little place had a packed parking lot and people waiting outside everywhere on a weekday!

When we have the opportunity, I love to eat waterside. Becky’s has outdoor seating upstairs overlooking the wharf. During our fall visit, curtains had already been put down for the cooler temperatures, so it seemed more like a screened in porch.

Let me say up front: I am not much of a seafood fan. But I decided if I’m in Maine, eating by the water, I will eat some type of seafood! I went with the haddock sandwich:

And it did not disappoint! Jason went all in with the lobster roll. Also very good!

We spent some time just exploring the city, and sat at a park for a bit enjoying the view.

While driving to Portland, I discovered that Henry Wadsworth Longfellow had a house there open for tours. I’m a fan and would have enjoyed this; however, it wasn’t open that particular day. Oh well, I settled for snapping a picture of this statue of him in town!

We stopped at a few spots along the coast on the way back looking for a place to just hang out a while but failed to find one that seemed right. I’d love to hear some suggestions from any Mainers out there!

Next up: we finally get to tour Boston!

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